Borabora is proud to have been supplying quality retail chains with the finest fruit juices,

smoothies and teas available under private banners for over 20 years.

We are the leader in producing high quality lemonades for super market chains,

sandwich shops, ready to eat salad chains and other types of retail operations where high quality beverages are prioritized.

We serve local, regional and national distributors who in turn service retailers.

Custom Blends

In addition to our lineup of about 20 house recipes, we

specialize in customization to fulfill customers' specific

needs. We are happy to assist with product development

for all aspects of development including but not limited to:


Label and packaging design


Juice concept development


New flavor creation


Nutritional information


Retail customer chooses which juices they want


Pricing approval


Distribution set up (One of retailer's current distributors or one of BB's)


Conveyance of label contents for label design


Label approval and sign off (both retailer and BB)


Label printing (10 days)


Finished product approval by retailer


Initial order


First production


The entire  process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks, depending on label design.

We Specialize in

No High minimums


Branded Competitor Reverse-Engineering


High Quality Ingredients (No added flavors, colors or preservatives)


High Quality Finished Beverages


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